Opublicerad Lovecraft-essä såld på eBay

Jag har erhållit ett tips om en opublicerad essä av Lovecraft, spökskriven för Houdini. För den som har pengar och är intresserad kan jag dock nämna att den dessvärre redan är såld. För 5.355 dollar, vilket i nuläget innebär drygt 45 000 SEK exklusive frakt.

Följande text är direkt citerat från annonsen på Ebay, liksom bilderna som nu publiceras (de är alltså i samma ordning som i den ursprungliga auktionen, men observera att länken till ebay-auktionen abrupt kan upphöra att fungera).










Lovecraft was Houdini’s ghost writer for three articles in ”Weird Tales” magazine:

”The Spirit of Fakers of Hermannstadt”

”The Hoax Of The Spirit Lover”

”Imprisoned With The Pharaohs”

What’s offered here is a astrological dissertation handwritten by H.P. Lovecraft.

HOUDINI had written his name on the final page.

This material came from Jim Mathews, of Jacksonville, Florida.

Back in the spring of 2002, Jim gave a wonderful lecture entitled:

Dr. Edward Saint…or Sinner?

The lecture was given during the Magic Collector’s Association convention in Fort Worth, Texas.

It was during this convention, Jim Matthews had this Lovecraft/Houdini item (among other items) for sale, at his Dealer’s Table.

The sticker, on the front of the plastic sleeve holding all the material, reads:

On back of huge handwritten
astrological dissertation. The text may
have been prepared by H.P. Lovecraft,
noted ghostwriter for Houdini, as the
whole thing is written on the backs of
his correspondence.

Three for the price of one. HPL’s
correspondence, apparently partial
astrological dissertation and Houdini

I’d asked Mr. Matthew’s to provide me with a Certificate of Authenticity, Provenance, etc.

He provided an AFFADAVIT, which reads as follows:

This document serves to identify the origin of the following items(s):

Houdini Signature on H.P. Lovecraft Letters

In 1976, I purchased the assets of the ”new” Thayer Magic Manufacturing Company from the estate of Clayton Jacobsen. Mr. Jacobsen had secured the rights to manufacture, advertise, build and distribute Thayer products from the Larsen family who had purchased it from Floyd Thayer.

In these assets was a box containing a portion of Houdini’s personal letter writing file. This was affirmed by the postmarked envelopes and letters to Houdini and the carbon copies of his responses to those letters. In the company of this file, was a box of clippings and challenges, which by notations were the receipts of Houdini’s own, clipping service. Because these articles were found in the company of other Houdini property, it is our conclusion that these items were from Houdini’s own collection of correspondence.

I swear that the above statement is true will attest to my signature to this affirmation.

The affidavit is then signed and dated by Jim Matthews. The date of May 23, 2002.

Mr. Matthews was of the opinion H.P. Lovecraft was working on an astrological article for Houdini and Houdini signed off on the work.

There are 34 handwritten pages -and- as stated above, these are all on the backside of correspondence to Lovecraft.

Some of the correspondence is from:

Leo Fritter (Compensation Law and Practice)
Alma Sanger (The United Amateur Press Association)
Howard Roosevelt Conover
W. Paul Cook
Clyde G. Townsend
Horace L. Lawson (The Detroit Free Press)
The editor of Macfadden Publications
Mrs. Mary Morgan Ware
E.L. Sechrist
John Phillipoff
Grace Bromley
Marion Binford
John Ravenor Bullen
James F. Morton, Jr.
Anne T. Renshaw
(The National League for the promotion of the Curry Methods of Expression)

It appears Lovecraft use carbon copies of his own letters, as well, these to:

Arthur F. Ziegfeld (of Ziegfeld follies fame)
C.W. Smith
Mrs. Ida C. Haughton

All letters are from the 1920s.

Here are 10 scans of some of the material.

Five are of the handwritten side -and- five showing the stationery used.

The first page numbered is 11b, the last page is number 45.

As mentioned above, there are 34 pages, making this a partial dissertation. =====












~ av Fredrik F. G. Granlund på onsdag, 29 april, 2009.

3 svar to “Opublicerad Lovecraft-essä såld på eBay”

  1. Lovecraft spökskrev novellen ”Imprisoned With The Pharaos” åt Houdini, så mycket vet jag. Var det en essä också?


  2. Nja, han spökskrev ”Under the Pyramids” åt Houdini, sedan satte Edwin Baird dit en pulpigare titel som nu har restaurerats bort. Men han jobbade på en bok om astrologi tillsammans med Houdini också, med arbetstiteln [i]The Cancer of Superstition[/i], som aldrig blev klar eftersom Houdini gick och dog. Jag gissar att det här är en del av det projektet. HPL:s synopsis till boken är känt sedan tidigare och har publicerats.



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